Reigniting a Love of Black and White Photography (Family Photographer, Seattle, WA)

March 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

I have always loved black and white photography.  Even before I knew anything about photography, I remember buying black and white film and shooting away.  I love old things and that's probably why I'm so drawn to black and white photography. Black and white images have a way of defying time, they are classic.  Timeless.

As my photography improved, I became quite confident with my color images but something about my black and white photography was lacking.  For a while, I decided I just wouldn't shoot black and white.  When I do something, I like to do it well, so since I felt like my black and whites were mediocre, I found it easier to just give up than try to figure out what I was doing wrong.  But something kept pulling me back.  There are certain photographers whose work I couldn't stop looking at. Photographers who shoot primarily in black and white and their images are so breathtaking that I started to doubt myself and think I could never do what they do.  I wanted to throw in the towel completely and quit photography (remember how I said if I do something, I want to do it well, the truth is, if I do something, I want it to be perfect!).  The comparison trap is for real! After lots of thinking, I knew that I just had to keep working away at it.  I love black and white photography and didn't want to quit.  I told my husband how much I wanted to improve and he bought me a book on black and white photography for Christmas.  It helped some but I needed more.  The new year came and I started seeing a new workshop advertised.  A workshop all about black and white photography!  I knew I needed this.  Finally, this may be the thing to get me on the road to creating beautiful black and whites.  Cris Stephens of Cris Stephens Photography has done the most amazing job with this workshop. She is so kind and caring with her critiques but also extremely helpful. My black and whites, while not perfect, have improved so, so much with her guidance. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I know I'm on the right path. I can't wait to use all the tips and tricks I've learnt in my future photography. The workshop will run again and I highly recommend it. Check it out here! And because this post wouldn't be complete without some photos, here are some of my favorites taken over the last few weeks.



Cris Stephens(non-registered)
I do not have words to express how lucky I feel that you participated of my workshop. You are not only extremely talented, but the kindest person ever. I have even less words to express how thankful I am. How beautiful this is and how much this post means to me. My heart is happy and full of joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love, for trusting on me and for sharing your experience! Millones de gracias! Cris.
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