Falling In Love with Film {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

June 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Boy at beach in Seattle

A couple of years ago, I started shooting film. I always loved how beautiful film looked but I wasn't what you would call "hooked". Slowly, as I began practicing, I started to love it more and more. However, recently, a couple of things happened that made me fall head over heels in love for this format. First, the movie Kodachrome. The movie is fictional and it's about a son and his dad who road trip together to have his rolls of Kodachrome developed before the lab closed. The movie brought with it all sorts of nostalgia and it made me want to shoot all the film, all the time. Secondly, the royal wedding. I'm fully aware of how strange I'm sounding right now. When I watched the build up to the wedding, the coverage kept showing old images of Princess Diana with her little boys. There was something so nostalgic (yes, I'm using that word again) about them. Film has a certain beauty that digital just doesn't have. I feel almost guilty for writing that. I am so grateful that we can shoot digitally and I love the freedom it gives me, but man, film is just so gorgeous. I couldn't explain how I felt that day. Seeing film images made me feel a little sad, a little nostalgic (there I go again), and gave me a strong desire to capture all the beauty of the world on a perfect little roll of Portra 400.

And then today, a sad thing happened. In the grand scheme of life, it's not earth shattering, but for my little film loving heart, it hurts. I heard that Canon have stopped making their last remaining film camera. I'm a true blue Nikon girl, so this doesn't really affect me, however, this news has made me feel like film really is dying. I refused to believe it until now. I feel sad that not enough people see the beauty of film to keep it going. Labs are closing, film stocks are being discontinued, and film cameras are no longer being made. I have an urge to buy all the film I can get my hands on and shoot, shoot, shoot as much as possible. So this summer, it's going to be all about the film. I'll be slowing down and capturing as much beauty as I can on my little F100 and my favorite Portra 400.

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