I Don't Know How I Ever Lived Without You {Seattle Family Photographer}

June 06, 2018  •  1 Comment

My sweet Oscar. I don't know how I ever lived without you. Tomorrow you will turn one. You will leave the baby stage and enter toddler hood. It is so bittersweet. Watching you grow has been amazing, but man, I miss you little.

Everything about you (except for breastfeeding) has been easy. I didn't suffer the horrible morning sickness like I did with your brothers. Your birth, my third c section, was so easy that I think I may have even told your daddy and the nurses that "I could do this ten more times". You started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old. You are so, so happy and your smile lights up the room. Your older brothers adore you, and Daddy and myself just can't get enough of our little Oscky Pie. I love your little curls and your hair that gets lighter each time we're out in the sun. You look so much like Daddy. I see both of your brothers in your demeanor. I can't wait to see your little personality develop over the next year. You currently love books. fruit, bagels, people watching, bath time, and snuggles with Mama. You are babbling a lot. You like to say Mama, Dada, Dog and Bo (your little Buddy). You are cruising and starting to stand for a couple of seconds but I think walking may still be some time away. That's okay. I'm happy to keep you as my little baby for longer.

I am constantly amazed at how each child teaches us something new. With you, I have learnt to let go of perfection. To embrace our chaos. To go with the flow. You will never know how much we needed you in our lives, but I hope you know how much we love you. You are so loved my sweet Oscar James.

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Oh my gosh... the progression photos! I love them but they make the year seem to have flown by!!!!!
Happy birthday little Oscar! Can’t wait to meet you soon.
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