Fresh 48 Information

Now that you’ve booked your Fresh 48 session, please read on for the answers to your questions.

Fresh 48 sessions in Seattle WA

Since most people don’t spend a lot of time in the hospital, it is important that you have someone keep me updated during your labor. Please have them send me a quick text or email when you’re in labor, and again once the baby is born. This will ensure that I have enough time to arrange childcare and cancel any plans so that I can make it there in time. I will be checking in the week of your due date to see how things are going.

I love to incorporate items from the hospital in your Fresh 48 session. Hospital bracelets, hats and blankets will all be included. I always bring a kimono style shirt because this paired with a diaper, allows me to photograph the umbilical cord stump. We do not have to use it, but it is an option if you want.

This is such a special time for your family, so I think it’s important that the parents are included in these images. I get that you may not feel that you are “picture ready” but you will one day look back and treasure these images. You don’t need to dress up. Hospital gown or your own pajamas is totally fine!

These sessions normally last for about half an hour to an hour, but I don’t put a limit on them so that we make sure we get all the images you are after.

You will receive approximately thirty edited images within two weeks of your session.

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Seattle Newborn and Fresh 48 Session