Seattle lifestyle photographer mom is on swinging chair with daughters
Seattle lifestyle photographer dad is holding newborn baby
Everett newborn photographer close up of baby’s hands
Edmonds family photographer dad is flying baby in the air
Everett newborn photographer close up of baby’s belly button
Seattle maternity photographer mom to be sits in a chair at home
Seattle family photography mom is reading to son at home

Why In Home Lifestyle Photography?

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather over the winter months can be pretty miserable. If you have an in home session, there is no need to brave the rain, no need to stand outside in the cold, and no need to reschedule if it gets too bad.

Most outdoor photo sessions occur in the golden hour, the hour before sunset. While this is fine in the cooler months, over summer, that means starting a session around 8.30pm. Obviously, this is incredibly late for little ones. I usually start indoor sessions around 10am. Kids are normally wide awake, and not yet ready for the afternoon nap.

Edmonds newborn photographer dad is holding baby in arms

Small children are often overwhelmed with being in locations they are not familiar with. A photo session at home means they are in their comfort zone, the four walls in which they feel safe. Likewise, adults are often more comfortable at home too. Sometimes it can feel awkward to be having your picture taken in public with other people around.

Everett family photographer mom, dad, and kids are sitting in front of the window

Where else do you snuggle your babies to sleep, curl up in bed with them on Saturday mornings, read stories to them? Your home is the place where first steps are taken, bedtime stories are told, and memories are made. There are little pieces of you all over your house and these will become your children’s fondest memories. There really is no better place to capture your family. Your home is uniquely you and helps to tell your family’s own story. I once asked a mama if she could sit on a particular chair for me to take a picture of her. As she was sitting in it, her husband told me that he bought that chair the day he met her. I love that story and it really goes to show that your home holds memories that an open field or beach can’t do!

Everett newborn photographer twin babies held by parents

I’d love it if you looked over my portfolio to determine if I’m the right photographer for you.

If you are ready to schedule your family or newborn photography session, please reach out. I would love to answer any questions and get you on the calendar.