Turn Your Snapshots into Art {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

Not everyone desires to be a photographer, but almost all mamas want to take beautiful pictures of their babies. Here are some of my favorite ways to photograph children in and around the house.

Photograph them sleeping

Depending on age, children are often on the go. It can be hard to keep them still for a picture. I love photographing children while they’re sleeping. It’s easier to do this if they still take daytime naps because you have more light to work with. I love to shoot through crib rails, directly above the bed, side on, I basically move all around until I find the angle I like best.

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Frame your kids

This is one of my favorite things to do to turn a boring picture into an interesting one. I love to shoot though doorways. It gives the illusion that you’re peeking in on them, as well as the doorway giving a pleasing framing effect.

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Find the pretty light

Light is so important in photography and no matter how your home looks, there is always beautiful light, you just need to search for it. My living room faces east, so I know I’m going to get beautiful sunrises in there. If you see pretty light but don’t know what to do with it, try moving an activity into that area, then sit back and see what they do.

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Capture their tiny details

Children go so quickly and before long, chubby hands, dimpled thighs and wispy baby hair will be no longer. Make sure you capture them before they disappear.

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Look for leading lines

Lines are one of the best ways to create a visually pleasing image. Lines can lead the eye directly to the subject, or in and out of a frame. There are lines all around us, and it can be fun to pay attention to them to try and direct your viewer to where you want them to look. This is a great way to start moving towards art, rather than snapshots.

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