Introducing Baby Session Packages {Seattle Newborn Photographer}

That first year in your baby’s life goes by so fast. Your baby is going to change so much and you’re never going to want to forget how they were when they were little. Because of this, I have decided to start offering a baby milestone package. This package includes:

  • an in home lifestyle newborn session including the whole family

  • a 6 month mini session featuring just the baby

  • an in home or outdoor family session around baby’s first birthday.

You will receive a minimum of forty digital images for both the newborn and one year session, as well as a minimum of 20 images for the mini 6 month session. The price for these three sessions is $1300. I do have payment plans available.

I have a beautiful collection of classic, timeless baby clothes that you are welcome to use for your images. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.

If you are looking to have your baby’s first year documented, please reach out.

Seattle lifestyle photographer newborn sleeping on a bed
Seattle family photographer baby lying on bed
Seattle family photographer mom is holding baby girl on the couch

At Home with a Family of Three {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

Sometimes I get an inquiry and I just know that we will mesh well as family and photographer. These were one of those families. I loved shooting in their home. It was bright and airy with plenty of space for little Talula to dance her heart out. I try to keep sessions as relaxed as possible as I know how stressful it can be particularly for the mama. This session was basically just a big dance party :) Little Talula loved to dance and she wore the perfect dress for the occasion.

One thing I really love about this session was how much love you could see between them all. The snuggly shots of them on the couch are my favorite. I also adore the way she would look directly into my camera, with so much soul in her eyes. I rarely ask anyone to look at my camera, but she would just do it willingly. She is truly delightful.

Seattle lifestyle photographer girl is dancing in living room
Family photographer Everett dad is flying little girl in the air
Seattle lifestyle photographer family is sitting on couch in living room
Everett family photographer parents on couch with daughter
Seattle family photographer family is on bed
Seattle lifestyle photographer daughter is kissing her mom
Seattle lifestyle photographer family of three on master bed

A Motherhood Session on the Beach {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

I was so honored to photograph this lovely mama with her two girls. She told me that she had never had professional photos taken with her children and that just before she had seen me advertising my motherhood sessions, she had posted an article on Facebook about how mothers aren’t in enough images with their kids. It is so true. As mothers, we tend to be the photographers in the family. We document their days and become the memory keepers. We are great at snapping images of our spouses but we rarely ask them to do the same for us. Images with our kids are so, so important. We don’t want our kids to look back at their images and wonder where we were all the time. Professional pictures are great and of course, I recommend all mamas to get them, but it’s equally important to make sure you’re having every day moments captured too. Set your camera up on a tripod, or hand your phone off to someone but make sure you’re documenting yourself, as well as them. I hope you enjoy looking through these images of this beautiful family.

Lifestyle family photographer mom with two daughters on beach at sunset.
Lifestyle photographer Seattle detail of girls holding hands on beach at sunset
Lifestyle photographer Seattle mom holds little girl on beach at sunset
Seattle family photography  mom and daughter hug on beach at sunset
Seattle lifestyle photographer mom and girls hug on beach at sunset
Lifestyle photographer Seattle mom is dancing with daughters on the beach at sunset

A Week of our Lives {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

I try to photograph my children daily. As a family lifestyle photographer, photographing my own kids gives me plenty of opportunity to learn and grow as an artist, and at the end of the day, I am left with beautiful memories of their childhood. Here is our last week.

Seattle family photographer baby asleep on master bed

Every night while Daddy is away, I creep into your room and bring you into bed with me. You’re normally the first one up, but this morning you slept past sunrise.

Lifestyle family photographer child asleep in bed

You’re the only one who likes to sleep in. Every morning, we have to wake you with minutes to spare before we leave for school. Not even smoke alarms can wake you. It’s funny how tiny you look when you sleep.

Lifestyle photographer Seattle two children are sitting on a couch looking at a book

You and Oscar found an old portable DVD player that no longer works, but yet it kept you both entertained for ages. I love seeing you play together but what I love more is that little arm around Oscar’s neck.

Seattle lifestyle photographer toddler asleep in his crib

I can’t imagine a day when I will tire of taking sleeping photos of you. I don’t know what it is about those little legs in that position, but it gets me every time.

Family lifestyle photography three boys on couch in living room looking at books

It’s rare to have all three of you relaxing on the couch before school.

Seattle lifestyle photographer baby hair in a man bun

The Man Bun. I know it’s not going to last forever so I’ll just enjoy it while it does.

Lifestyle family photography dog lying on couch

Busted. But you look so cute.

Lifestyle photographer Seattle boy holding toast

You couldn’t choose, so it’s Vegemite and butter on one side, and Nutella on the other.

A Beautiful Golden Hour Session {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

This beautiful family session didn’t take place in Seattle. I was so lucky to photograph my sister’s family when I visited New Zealand a few months ago. It was chilly (by NZ standards, not really by Seattle standards) so we worked fast but the results were so lovely. We headed out to do their images, not really having a location in mind. All we knew was that we wanted to do the session in the hills. We drove, stopped a couple of times, then kept moving until we found this gorgeous spot. I love how you can see the ocean in the background and the light was pretty incredible too. My nieces and nephew are growing up so fast and I love being able to photograph them all every couple of years.

I don’t photograph outdoors very often, but I do offer a limited amount of outdoor sessions over the summer. If that’s something you’re interested in, please get in touch so we can get you on the schedule!

Seattle family photographers family of six standing on a hill
Seattle Family Photographer mom dad and four kids cuddle on a hill
Seattle Family Photographer girl being cuddled by other family members
Seattle Lifestyle Photographer boy looks into camera while being cuddled by mom
Seattle Lifestyle Photographer family of six on a hill cuddling
Seattle family photographer mom dad and kids cuddle on a hill
Seattle family photographer children cuddling with parents
Lifestyle family photography dad and daughter cuddle on a hill
Family lifestyle photography mom and baby daughter cuddling on a hill
Seattle family photographer mom cuddles with son on a hill
Seattle family photographer mom and daughter cuddle on a hill
Seattle family photographer mom and daughter touching heads on a hill
:Lifestyle family photography dad embraces daughter on a hill
seattle family photographer dad swings daughter playfully on a hil
Seattle family photographer dad embraces son on a hill
Seattle family photographer kids run around parents on a hill

At Home with a Family of Six {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

These winter Seattle days are cold and gloomy but the warmth in this at home newborn session was a stark contrast. This was my first newborn session of 2019 and it couldn’t have been any more beautiful.

I’ve known this strong mama for about a year and a half. She instructed fitness classes for mamas and their babies and I started attending her classes when my youngest was about 4 months old. She is so strong mentally and physically and I really admire her for they way in which she motivates other mamas to be strong and healthy.

Baby number four was only six days old for his session. He was still so fresh, flaky skin, umbilical cord stump, eyes closed the entire time. His big sisters are so in love with him, as are his loving parents. It never matters whether it’s baby number one or baby number four, each one is so special. We did the whole session in one room. The master bedroom is my favorite room to photograph newborns in. The master bed is a comfy spot for everyone to snuggle, and it’s also a great spot for individual pictures of the new baby. As long as there is one window letting in enough light, then I often stick to the master bedroom for the entire newborn session. The whole time I was photographing this family, I kept thinking about how perfectly baby fits in Mama’s arms. Isn’t it lovely how they just curl up, like they know that’s exactly where they belong? He was the sweetest, snuggliest little thing. Sometimes I hold baby for a bit so everyone can get into place and then once they’re comfortable, I hand baby over. I may have held on to him just a little bit longer than needed, but I just couldn’t help myself.

I am happy for this gorgeous family. I love that we were able to capture Gideon before he lost his umbilical cord stump. I always feel like that little stump speaks of their newness like nothing else. I hope these photographs are forever treasured and you can always look back and remember how tiny he was. Welcome to the world Gideon!

Seattle newborn photography baby is held in dad’s arms on a bed
Seattle newborn photography baby lies in bassinet by master bed
Seattle newborn photography mom and dad hold baby on bed
LIfestyle newborn photographer mom and dad hold newborn baby
Everett newborn photography baby feet
Seattle newborn photography dad holds sleeping baby by window
Everett newborn photography mom holds baby by window
Everett newborn photographer baby sleeps on bed
Seattle newborn photographer baby sleeping on bed
Lifestyle newborn photographer three big sisters are on the bed withe their baby brother who is sleeping
Newborn Photography Seattle baby is sleeping in mom’s arms while older sister looks on
Seattle newborn photography baby is in arms of mom while family is on the bed
Lifestyle newborn photographer baby umbilical cord stump

What is Lifestyle Photography? {Seattle Family Photographer}

What exactly is lifestyle photography and how does it differ from traditional photography? The answer may be different depending on who you ask, but I’m going to try to explain what lifestyle photography is to me.

Lifestyle is somewhere in the middle between traditional portrait photography, and documentary photography. Portrait photography is a session where the photographer will pose everyone in a spot that the photographer has chosen and will direct everyone to look (and usually smile) at the camera. Documentary photography is where the photographer will follow the family around and just photograph them going about their day. The photographer will do nothing to alter the scene. If lights are turned on, they’ll leave them. If the family is in an area that might not photograph well, they’ll leave them there and continue to shoot anyway. So, where does lifestyle photography fit in? My approach is to manipulate the scene a little, but ultimately, I still aim to capture the family as it is. Once I arrive at your house, I typically look for the places with the best light, or anywhere that looks like it would be an interesting backdrop. I will direct the family into that space and I may guide them into position. For example, if I have the family on the bed, I may ask young children to hop on their parents’ laps, but that’s where my direction stops. I may offer prompts such as “Can you tickle your baby brother’s feet?” but what I’m really looking for is to capture the emotion once I have you in the place I want you. Normally once I offer a prompt or two, families will just start interacting with one another, and that’s what I’m aiming to get. I will also manipulate the light if needed. I always turn off artificial lighting, and if needed, I will close a shade or two if I want light just from one direction. I love to capture you enjoying just being with your people and I believe that that’s what family photography should be about. Love, connection and a whole lot of authenticity.

If this is how you want your family session to look, please contact me. I would love to chat with your more about a photography session that captures the heart of your family.

Seattle family photographer mom holding baby and cuddling daughter in bedroom

A Love Filled Newborn Session {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

No lie, I actually cried when I got the email from this mama telling me that baby number three had arrived and asked if I would photograph them once they brought their daughter home to Washington following the beautiful gift of adoption. I am so happy for them and it was so lovely to her big sister and brother adapt to their new roles. Little Zoe, you are so loved. It was an absolute honor to photograph this beautiful love story.

Newborn photographer Seattle family on bed with baby
Lifestyle newborn photographer family of five on bed
Seattle newborn photography family of five on bed cuddling
Everett newborn photography baby lying on bed
Everett Newborn Photography baby girl being held in dad’s arms while sitting on bed
Seattle newborn photography baby girl held in parents arms
Seattle newborn photography close of baby’s hands
Newborn photography Seattle baby is held in mom’s arms while on bed
Everett newborn photography parents are holding baby in front of fireplace in dining room
Lifestyle newborn photography parents holding baby in dining room

How to Prepare for Your In Home Lifestyle Session {Seattle Family Photographer}

The number one question I get asked once a family has booked a lifestyle photo session is “Does my house need to be perfect?” The answer is NO! Your house should feel like you and that a family lives there, but there are a few things you can do to make your images look amazing:

Put Clutter Away

Remember that my camera can’t “unsee” what is there. If you don’t want it photographed, put it away. Cords and cables should be out of sight.

Focus on 1 or 2 Rooms

The rooms I use the most are the living room and the master bedroom. If you don’t have the time or energy to declutter the whole house, focus on those rooms.

Make Sure it Feels like Your Space

When cleaning up, don’t remove the essence of you. Keep family pictures, heirlooms, blankets, special toys out. The reason you’re having an in home session is because it is the place where you live your lives. Make sure it still feels like your space.

Seattle family photographers soon to be parents kiss in front of window in bedroom

Now that you’ve prepared your home, what about what to wear? Second most frequently asked question! I always recommend that mom chooses an outfit for herself first. Often moms put themselves last and this is a time when you should feel good about yourself. I do love the look of flowy cardigans and leggings, or a long flowy dress. It may not be what you’d wear every day but they are universally flattering and comfortable. Dress kids and dad in things they feel comfortable in. I would recommend putting kids in clothes they have worn before so they are used to the feel of the fabric. If you’re looking to buy something new for your kids, my favorite shops for sweet, photogenic clothes are Zara, Jamie Kay, H&M, and Peek Kids.

Lifestyle family photography little girl eating ice cream in bedroom while mom and baby sister look on

Timing - When should you have a session

The great thing about in home sessions is that they can be booked year round. No need to wait until it’s summer or fall as you’ll be cozy and warm inside your own home. I typically do morning sessions at 10am and afternoon sessions at 2pm, but we can be flexible around kids’ nap schedules if that doesn’t work for your family. Sessions last anywhere from one to two hours so we will want to avoid shooting late in the afternoon so we don’t lose the light, particularly in winter.

Seattle lifestyle photographer family of four play on bed

Don’t forget the outside of your home! Weather permitting, we may take a few images outside. Often families like an image taken on their front porch or back yard, so be sure to have those spaces photo ready if you’d like that too.

Seattle family photography parents to be stand underneath a tree

Lastly, be prepared to have fun. The session will focus on you connecting with your family so be ready to play, read books, and snuggle with your family.

Seattle family photographer dad and daughter playing together on bed

2019 Travel Photo Sessions {Seattle Family Photographer}

Being an in home lifestyle photographer, typically, I can only photograph families in the greater Seattle area, however, in 2019, I will be adding a few travel sessions. Last year, I photographed families in New Zealand and it was so amazing being able to share my photography on the other side of the world. If you have been wanting a session with me but you live outside of Seattle, please contact me and we’ll work together to figure out a way for this to happen! It may involve a minimum number of sessions booked in your city so if you have friends who would like a session, get them involved too. I’m not ruling out anywhere…cool pre-war apartment in NYC? Count me in. Rustic villa in Italy? Let’s do it! Don’t think your location is fun or exotic? Doesn’t matter. It’s all about the beautiful moments in your family anyway. I’m so excited to see where 2019 will take me!

Seattle family photographers family of four sit on window seat surrounded by indoor plants
Lifestyle family photography mom holding baby girl while smiling at her
Lifestyle newborn photographer parents holding baby while sitting in chair in dining room
Seattle Family photographers pregnant mom sits in wicker chair in living room looking at her belly