Fresh 48, In Home Lifestyle or Both? {Seattle Newborn Photographer}

When you are looking to book a newborn photographer, the options can seem endless. Do you want a posed session or a lifestyle session? In a studio or at your home? Do you want the session when baby is only a few days old or do you want to wait until they’re a few weeks? Do you want family pictures or baby alone? And what about birth photography or a Fresh 48 session?

The two genres I photograph when it comes to newborns are Fresh 48 and in home lifestyle sessions. Both are worth having photographed, but here is a summary of each.


  1. These take place in the hospital or birthing center.

  2. As the name suggests, these take place within the first 48 hours after baby is born.

  3. Since time is of the essence, we need to get this scheduled within hours of baby being born so you don’t get sent home before the session takes place.

  4. This is such an intimate time. A time when you can shut out the rest of the world and just focus on you and your little baby. A session will help you remember this special time in your baby’s life.

  5. I focus on little details such as hospital bracelets, blankets and hats. Items only used once for those first two days.

  6. As mothers are often exhausted, memories from this time are often forgotten. A session will help preserve these memories.

Fresh 48 session in Seattle, WA
Fresh 48 session Everett, WA


  1. These take place in your own home.

  2. Sessions can be done any time in the first month of baby’s life.

  3. Sessions include the whole family but there is also plenty of time to photograph baby on their own.

  4. These last longer than Fresh 48 sessions and they’re often very relaxed with lots of chatting and time for feeding, diaper changes, cuddles etc.

  5. Sessions often take place in the master bedroom. The bed often provides a good space for the whole family to cuddle up, as well being a great spot to lie baby down for individual pictures.

  6. These photos will embrace what life is like those first few weeks with a newborn in your home. We will capture them sleeping, being loved on, feeding, etc.

  7. Unlike a posed session, it doesn’t matter if baby is awake or asleep while I’m there. The purpose of these sessions is to capture the love in your family, not a baby sleeping in an unnatural pose.

Newborn Photographer Seattle WA
Seattle newborn photographer

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