Falling In Love with Film {Seattle Family Photographer}

Three years ago, I attended a photography conference with a group of friends. I had been feeling burnt out, uninspired and unmotivated. That conference did so much to lift my spirits and get me shooting again. We talked a lot about burnout and one solution, was to try shooting film. Film has a way of making you slow down and shoot with intention. I left the conference with a desire to learn. My husband very thoughtfully, bought me a film camera for my birthday a month later and after putting my first roll in, I started snapping away. The first rolls came back and they were terrible. I think I had one keeper out of the whole first roll. I knew that if I was going to shoot film, then I really had to learn it properly. I enrolled in an online course for beginning film shooters. That course taught me so much and I finally started to shoot some images I was proud of. 

Film is so much different to digital. For one, it's expensive so you're not tempted to keep on taking pictures like you would with digital. You really do try to get the image in your mind without wasting frames. Waiting for your film to come back from the lab is also exciting. Scan day is like Christmas!

I'm nowhere near where I want to be with my film shooting, but here are some favorites.


seattle family photography
Seattle family photographer
Everett Family Photographer
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Seattle Newborn Photographer
Everett Newborn Photographer
Seattle Photographer
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Seattle Family Photographer
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