Ten Must-Take Photos in the First Month {Seattle Newborn Photographer}

The first month of a new baby’s life goes by so fast and before you know it, they’ve changed from a squishy newborn, to a real baby. You never get this time back so it’s so important that you capture it while they’re still so new. Here are some must take images for that first month.

1. Photograph them in the hospital hat/blanket.

Fresh 48 Session

2. Photograph them in the bassinet in the hospital.

Fresh 48 Newborn Session Seattle

3. Capture hospital bracelets.

Fresh 48 Newborn Session Seattle

4. Photograph them through the rails of their crib.

Newborn Photographer Seattle

5. Photograph their belly button (or umbilical cord stump before it falls off).

Newborn Photographer Seattle

6. Take a close up of that perfect little face.

Newborn Photographer Everett

7. Photograph teeny tiny feet.

Newborn Photography in Seattle

8. Capture their tininess by photographing them on the master bed.

Baby Photographer Seattle

9. Don’t forget the siblings.

Seattle Baby Photographer

10. Capture them in the arms of Dad. They always look so little this way

Everett Baby Photographer