Mama, get in the picture {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

This one is for the mamas. The memory keepers. The family historians.

You are the one who is behind the camera, capturing every milestone. The first step. The first time trying solid foods. The first day of school. The holidays. The birthdays. The first dance. Sports games. Big events. Little events. You capture it all. All but you. You’re so busy focusing on capturing them, that you forget to get in the frame too.

Pass the camera to Dad, set up a self timer, take a selfie on your phone, hire a professional, but please get in the frame, because you were there too. One day it’s all they’re going to have left. One day, your presence will be a memory. Give them something tangible. Something they can hold in their hands and look at while they remember your smell, your gentle hands, your soft spoken words. Show them how much you love them so they never forget.


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Seattle Family Photographer
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